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Moving Guide

Buying a new home is a big commitment which needs careful thought and attention to detail.  Whether you are a first time buyer or a 'veteran' seller or buyer, we can help you!  Careful planning and checklists could come in handy when trying to remember all those loose ends.

Pre-Move Checklist

• Decide if you are using a removals company or doing it yourself (weigh up the costs vs benefits).

• Check your contents insurance policy for cover of goods in transit.

• Check the removal company’s insurance cover.

• Book well in advance - at least two weeks and confirm with an email or letter.

• Organise the supply of packing boxes.

• Arrange professional disconnection of gas or electric appliances you will  be taking.

• Arrange meter readings for the house you are leaving on the day of the move and the house you are moving into on the day you move in.  Give at least 48 hours’ notice.

• Check if you can take your telephone number with you (if necessary).

• Check with banks and building societies for direct debits/standing orders.

• Cancel deliveries of paper, milk etc.

• Organise post redirection

• Try to run down on stocks in the freezer.

Moving Checklist

• Make sure contracts are exchanged/completed before you start to notify people of your new address.

• Make sure all boxes are labelled up, this helps your removers and you.

• Pack items you don't use often first.

• Make sure you label the box holding the kettle/tea/coffee and have this ready in the kitchen at the house you are moving in to.

• On the day of the move make sure all utilities i.e. gas, water and electrics are turned off and note the meter readings.

• If you have young children make sure they have something to do and somewhere safe to stay while you move.

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